Friday, October 31, 2008

To fresh yours body

Sea.....want get fresh go to "Tanjung Bidara " see this people so happy enjoying "sea bath" but carefull something watching u!! they are can't be see with naked eye...hoooo but they (this picture ) still want to swim... See their face we can see they are really enjoying sea bath.. This people never thing about small creature "mahluk halus" after they release that thing, they believe there was something that can't be describe with naked we know the beach have thier own "Guard" so if u want to sea bath please bring your older people 2....Happy sea bath, this picture was taken at Tanjung Bidara Beach

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syikin said...

hmmmm...xnampak pun muka korg,mana nak tau epi ke x...gelap sgt gmbr tu..let me guess who are in the pic....from left: shakir,pipi,awak,hafiz&basha...btl x?
-syikin sulaiman-