Saturday, November 1, 2008

ForMaT Pc/LatOp 10 min done (without CD rOm )

Dear Friend,
Today we just one step forward when we found the other way to format the pc or laptop without the cd / dvd rom. The first advantage is this method so fast because the transfer data for formatting is use the pendrive (removal storage) transfer rate, mean 3mb per sec, but now day a lot of pendrive have a high speed data transfer .This method also help the person want to format their computer but don’t have or broken cd/dvd rom but they need to make sure two condition before do this formatting, 1st they need to allocate the installer and write it in pendrive. The way to write the installer to pendrive they need to follow the rule to make sure the bootable of installer can be fine when the booting proses. 2nd condition is the pc or laptop must be integrated with booting from other device, mean the mother board to provide the bios system to boot from the pendrive ( usb port ). If 2 of this condition was fulfill the formatting can be proceed. This method has a disadvantages, because this method only can be use for window vista. This because the NTFS format doesn’t allow the Xp disk format interrupts the booting system. [This was a warning that Josh added to his post along with the following commands that I copied from him, so kudos to Josh].
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