Monday, November 3, 2008

PreDicT PeOple FrOm TeeTh

Medium size and level
Waww!! So beautiful her teeth, see so prearranged it look like fake teeth. But this real teeth @ original. So try to guess what criteria does this kind teeth have? Person that who have teeth kind this shape is person who is good heart, helpful and like people say “ringan tulang” .If there someone need help they sure don’t be disappointed. Actually those people always want to make people happy. They also can share the happiness. Lucky to have friend or sweetheart like them right?
Is like Toward Behind.
This shown this people who have this kind of teeth, they have shy personality and like to hide their true identity but they big like passive. They always be in quiet and not really good in relationship with other people, beside that they really good in keeping secret except to those people who they trust.

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