Saturday, November 1, 2008

OpeN HouSe PN NoORasyiKiN

Open House???…. This picture was taken by urrr..Forgotten who, at puan asyikin’s House. This open house was provided by puan asyikin as BenT lecturer .We go to open house at 9 pm o’clock. This open house was a limited edition…hee3 so the person was chosen by god and who not willing to go was not there. Actually this was limited invitation of open house. Some of they have class at night so they do not know about this open house and that why they not there. This is the first open house that we attend for this “Hari Raya”. After this open house, I heard that azilah as we call kak azi organize her open house. But I don’t go to Kak azi open House because I had to attend a pancak silat event at UpsI...May be next no more problem hopefully… Do you Believe have a next? … Batter thinks carefully…The right picture the student from 1 sem of BEnC until now…The left one is all of student that came to puan asyikin house.

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