Sunday, November 2, 2008

The UTeM PanCaK SiLaT " OlahRAGa"

This is our silat team " UTeM" Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka. This utem silat team was attend the silat olahrage even at UPSI Tanjung malim Perak. This is our 2nd event after MASUM event at UM ( Universiti Melaya ). Our team had sent a experience pesilat but some of them was newbie so this can say as a training for next MASUM event. All our team is 8 people only 2 female and 6 male, most all our team lost of defeated at round 2. Not bad but it can be improve in future tournament. As we know silat as traditional Malay culture that have their own art of body language. Some people say every one can learn silat , but for me not everyone can learn silat because from my experience I see that people really love silat can learn it. This because to learn it will take time to master it and it need a lot of patient so the people who just want to learn but not to love that kind of art they can’t stand for long. The people who really love this kind of art can stand until they finish learn it, but for your information art of silat no have a end who like to find new thing they can have new knowledge about this silat art.
If u don’t believe me try learn silat and see how long can you hold.

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