Thursday, November 6, 2008

If YoU GeT The ROsE....means???

Lets look at the meaning of color first.
  1. Red: Red is the symbol of love. To give red roses says "I love you still"
    White: Shows purity and innocence. They also represent humility, youthfulness and charm.
  2. Pink: To give pink roses shows grace, joy, and gratitude.
  3. Pale pink also has the meaning of fun attached to it.
  4. Orange: Desire and enthusiam. These would be a great choice to give to someone if you want the relationship to develop further.Lilac and Lavender roses also show these feelings.
  5. Yellow:Joy and friendship - yellow roses don't specifically show love. They can also represent starting over,or a new beginning.
  6. Yellow tipped with red shows friendship falling in l
How Many To Give?
The number of roses that you give is important. Convey the right message by giving the correct number of roses!

1:Love at first sight - you are "the one"
2:Mutual love and feelings
3: Also says "I Love You".
7: Together for ever
10:Represents perfection. To give someone 10 roses shows you feel that way about them.
12:The standard for "be mine". Often given on Valentines day, when for a married couple,actually 7 or 10 might be a better choice. (slightly cheaper as well! ;-)
13:A sign of enduring friendship
15: Im sorry
So now you know how many you need and the colour combination of roses.From this also you will know what be a symbol of rose.....

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