Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WhaT HaPPeN wHen "EXAM COME" ????

Hello….to people that just read my blog. Today I want to say thank you to people that always give me support in term to answer the math (statistic) also to those people that help me in the beginning of developing my blog. Emmm this post not for acknowledgment but I want to story what happen when the examination comes. See the picture this people want to be success in examination so they need to study the subject before the exam begin. But some of them get pressure when exam come so the play the computer game for a while to reduce the tension (distress). How to distress? Emmm…Heee see that man with hp and pillow at his ear…haaa he was talking to ehemm2…you know la who…This people was taking a math paper at 5/11/2008 at 9.00am to 11.00am. After the exam all of them say yes!!. but I don’t really understand, say yes for what?. Better I check with them. I pray for our success in exam not for today only but for lifetime. We can do anything impossible with curious effort .Let everybody let you down but don’t make it let you down. The strong people not at his or her muscle but the strong people came from their spirit (never give-up).Batter asking if you don’t know or you should be wrong. If you wrong please accept you bad but if you right please don’t be conceited. In this world like older man say it like a wheel, sometime we at the top but another time maybe we at the bottom because we will never always at top. If we compare out life to sinusoidal graph we can see the graph have their time that falling down and rising up, so it just our life… “Lu pikir la sendirisay nabil..:)

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